Rosen Bridge Reward Sharing

Updated on 6th March 2024

Rosen Bridge is a bridge between Ergo and Cardano which allows assets to be sent between the two blockchains. You can find out more about Rosen Bridge here.

OYSTR Pool is currently running two Rosen Bridge Watchers, a Cardano Watcher, watching transactions from Cardano to Ergo, and an Ergo Watcher, watching transactions from Ergo to Cardano. Watchers are rewarded with $RSN tokens for their time and resources for participating in Rosen Bridge. As an extra incentive for delegators to support OYSTR Pool and as a thank you to our existing delegators OYSTR Pool is sharing 50% of the income from both Watchers with its delegators who are staking at least 1K ₳.

Every 6 epochs OYSTR will transfer 50% the $RSN profits generated by the Cardano Watcher and the Ergo Watcher from Ergo to Cardano. The bridging process converts $RSN into $rsRSN. The $rsRSN tokens will then be shared with our delegators who have been staking with OYSTR for that 6 epochs.

The next delegator snapshot will happen at the end of epoch 471 so to participate in the next $rsRSN reward sharing please delegate to OYSTR before then. There will be a snapshot every 6 epochs after that. 

When will my $rsRSN rewards be available?
Rewards will be available during the epoch following every 6 epoch round. Time will be needed to bridge the $RSN to Cardano so they won't be available at the start of the epoch but some time during it.

Will my rewards accumulate?
Yes. Rewards will accumulate for 30 epochs so you can let them build up before claiming.

How to I claim my rewards?
You will be able to claim your $rsRSN through TosiDrop by connecting your Cardano wallet or entering your address.

How much do I need to delegate?
You must delegate at least 1K ₳ to OYSTR Pool and stay for the whole of each 6 epoch round to participate.

When do I need to delegate to OYSTR?
A new round starts every 6 epochs. Delegate before the end of the following epochs to participate: 465, 471, 477, 483, 489, 495, 501, 507, 513, 519, 525, 531, 537, 543, 549 etc.

How much $rsRSN will I receive?
This completely depends on how active Rosen Bridge is over each 6 epoch period. Rosen Bridge is pretty new, activity and therefore your rewards should increase over time. However, the more you delegate the more $rsRSN you will receive.

What happens to my unclaimed $rsRSN rewards if I leave OYSTR Pool?
If you switch to a different stake pool your unclaimed $rsRSN rewards will be returned to OYSTR Pool. So make sure you claim your rewards before changing pools.



*OYSTR reserves the right to change or stop this promotion at any time.

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